About Zoe Designs Vintage

We have a passion for antique and vintage items. Not just perfect items, but any item that has character, is unique, or is distinctive. Sometimes, the items we like most, are the ones that show there age, not because they were used well, but because they have been well used.

The items we find (or that find us) really resonate with us. We want to share them, pass them along, and give them new life.

We have items from the '30's through the '80's; from the USA, Mexico, Africa, Europe, Japan, China, India and more.

We hope you enjoy our collection of vintage decor, art, glassware, table and barware, lighting, and furniture.

We are always finding new, and unusual, pieces. Stop by often to see what we have.

If you have a special interest, or a unique item that you are looking for, we also offer a locating service to help you locate what you want.

We ship internationally.

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